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Meet Joanna and Oktawia

Joanna and Oktawia

Joanna has 14 years’ experience in the industry and won the award for best Lincolnshire beauty salon in the 2021 and 2022 England Business Awards.

She’s a cosmetologist and graduated top of her class in her university beauty therapy course. She specializes in diagnosing skin problems, PRP, mesotherapy, skin peels, body contouring treatments, skin boosters, botulinum toxin, and business training.

As well as delivering Beauty Kingdom Academy training, Joanna runs her own beauty business and has invested in a portfolio of properties. Balancing being a mum with her successful businesses is something she wants to help other women achieve. We can have it all.

Oktawia has 10 years’ experience in beauty therapy and training, Oktawia specializes in platelet rich plasma (vampire facial), dermal fillers, botulinum toxin & mesotherapy.

Knowing her clients are happy is what drives her, and she loves teaching beauty therapists how to get the same results.

Oktawia moved to the UK 8 years ago with no English. And in that time, she’s built a thriving business, regularly being flown by clients to the US to deliver treatments

Meet Elwira

Creator of a personal and company brand, a marketing specialist and marketing strategist. She gained experience training by training with the best trainers available on the English and American markets.

Her marketing agency is most often chosen for the promotion of cultural and sporting events in the UK. Elwira has 7 years of experience in creating business events - training courses, conferences and business gala events.

She was a guest in Polish Radio London broadcasts. Author of individual and company marketing training and business publications for the business magazine "Twój Prospekt". Awarded with the best marketing 2019 award during the English Flame Festival competition.